Find Yourself in Kincaid Park

We made this app to help us have even more fun in Kincaid Park! We realized that our constant state of being lost was becoming a problem. We weren’t exploring as much as we wanted to. We weren’t taking that intriguing side-trail because we didn’t know if we’d be buying ourselves another few minutes or another few hours out there.

With this app, we just go! We take every turn we feel like. And no matter where we end up, we know how to get home.

Choose your adventure! Kincaid Park in summer is different than it is in winter. It’s different on foot than it is on bike or ski. Either way, this app has you covered.

Don’t get lost! Kincaid Park is full of twists, turns, and stubborn moose in your way. Let this app help you get home for dinner!

Know your trails! Whether hiking, biking, running, or skiing, Kincaid Park has something for you.

Here’s a quick video of the app in action.