Inner Dalí

For thousands of years, dreams have been the source material for saints, sages, seers, shamans, artists, and ordinary geniuses.

Salvador Dalí famously captured his subliminal thoughts with a spoon, a pie pan, and a pen. Spoon Mode replaces all three, by detecting the first sign of slumber (the fallen phone), cajoling you back consciousness, and launching the dream recorder.

How many dreams have slipped away during morning half-sleeping reverie? Dream Catcher Mode is a morning dream journal and tool for lucidity. As the morning alarm is shut off, the dream recorder is automatically engaged.

Finally, Disembodied Ear Mode is a dream recorder that can be used anywhere, any time. Record your recollections at the moment they strike.

The dream recorder engages either the microphone or the keyboard. Collect your dreams, share your dreams, receive a daily email straight from the subconscious mind!