The Stand Test for POTS

We created this app to help POTS patients get diagnosed more cheaply, easily and quickly. It enables any doctor or patient to learn about POTS and to perform the Stand Test (aka "poor man's tilt table test"), which is the diagnostic test for POTS.

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Find Yourself in Kincaid Park

We love getting lost in Kincaid Park! This app helps us find our way home.

1-Minute Wellness Wins

Our nutrition practice sees thousands of clients who know how to take better care of themselves, but never have the time to do it. So we set out to find a solution. Luckily, scientific research proves there are dozens of easy, quick and painless Wellness Wins that can add up over time to huge benefits. This app can even send you reminder nudges, so you've got no excuses now!

Spark! Weight Loss Coaching Questions

This is the app version of a book Jill wrote because she wanted to share a simple way to spark more success in weight loss. Whether you are coaching clients professionally or helping a loved one informally, or even just coaching yourself, a simple change of approach can make all the difference! It's easy, and makes the weight loss process so much more interesting and enjoyable...and effective!

Boost Metabolism

We created this app to help people burn more calories with less effort. Our nutrition practice sees lots of clients who have low metabolisms, and who struggle to lose fat, even when they exercise plenty and eat like monks. How unfair! Luckily, there are many easy and enjoyable ways to burn more calories, and even a small daily boost adds up to huge results over time. Our clients enjoy having these other options for reaching their weight goals. We hope this helps you, too!

Sound Sleep

At our nutrition practice, poor sleep is the enemy! It causes excess hunger, cravings, blood sugar problems, weight gain, muscle loss, and diminishes will power. How depressing! Luckily, science has uncovered dozens of smart, easy ways to improve sleep starting tonight. It's amazing how absolutely everything in life gets better when you are well rested.

Kick Sugar

We created this app because feeling owned by sugar is no way to live! For years, even after Jill was a successful nutritionist, she was a prisoner to sugar cravings. The harder she tried to resist, the more she would pine for it, despite knowing better. We've seen many clients enslaved by it too, and the research confirms it's addictive. Luckily, science and experience have uncovered dozens of smart strategies that make it easier to break free. Here's to breaking free from wanting what's bad for us!

Jill's Pills

When Jill was diagnosed with POTS, she was prescribed 19 different pills! Some had requirements about timing, food, having an empty stomach, or not taking them if she planned to lie down. Her whole life became a harried pill-management challenge, and every time she tried to get out and enjoy life a little, her pill routine would need adjusting. We created this app so Jill could have a fun, flexible schedule and take her pills properly. We hope you never have to take a zillion pills, but if you do, we hope this helps. To your health!

Trigger Mapper

We created Trigger Mapper so that allergy sufferers like Jill would have an easy and appealing way to track and sort their many triggers, and then be able to easily send this information to others.

Inner Dalí

For thousands of years, dreams have been the source material for saints, sages, seers, shamans, artists, and ordinary geniuses. Salvador Dalí famously captured his subliminal thoughts with a spoon, a pie pan, and a pen. We've done it with an app.