About Us

Mike and Jill Brook have collaborated on business and technology projects for over 20 years. Their work has helped thousands of people lead healthier, happier, more productive lives.

Mike Brook

Software Developer and Technologist

Mike loves being a software developer. He earned his engineering degree with honors from Princeton University in 1996, then worked for over 10 years at Nestlé USA, where he won numerous awards for his creative and efficient cost-saving solutions. Many of his systems are still used worldwide today.

Mike has been an independent consultant to large and small businesses, has served as Technology Director at a large interactive marketing firm, and has published articles in software development magazines. In 2011, Mike gave a technology makeover to Jill’s exceedingly low-technology nutrition practice, Diet for Health, so that it could be operated from an iPhone, anywhere. This allowed Jill to keep working through a serious illness that necessitated a move north, to cooler weather. He created systems that allowed their employees to keep the business running successfully, with Jill’s expertise and methods baked into the software. The business still thrives today, in Pasadena, California.

Now Mike focuses on creating apps that improve lives. With great attention to detail, design and simplicity for the user, he loves shaping the latest technology to make life easier, more fun, or all-around better. His goal is for each app to improve a user’s life by at least 1%.

Jill Brook, M.A.

Chief Non-Technologist

Jill is decidedly not a technology guru, but takes great delight in making sure that every client, user and participant has a great experience with both Alaska App Works and their apps. She loves helping clients elucidate their vision, so that their app reflects not only their needs, but also their unique personality, style, look and vibe. She is the highly organized perfectionist that brings every project together!

Jill earned her undergraduate degree with high honors from Princeton University, and has a Master’s Degree in Psychology from UCLA. She has worked as a Nutritionist in private practice, a wellness instructor at Caltech, and also as a consultant for large organizations such as NBC, Disney and Good Morning America. She has written 3 books, received Pasadena’s “40 under 40” award and appeared in Disney’s “Nutrition 101 with Jill Brook.”

Above all, Jill loves connecting with people to help them bring their best ambitions to life. As the “people-person” half of Alaska App Works, she makes sure that clients know their options, express all preferences, choose graphics that delight, and help shape the “feel” of the app until it becomes just what they had envisioned…or better!

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